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Wooton, Davis, Hussell & Johnson, PLLC brings decades of combined legal experience in diverse areas of law to clients throughout West Virginia. Our team of tenacious litigators are widely known and respected in the state for our depth of knowledge, proven results, and passion to serve. However, it is not only our outstanding legal ability that puts our team head and shoulders above the rest but the personable, friendly, and easy-going manner we bring to the individuals, families, and businesses we represent. We believe our reputation for legal excellence along with easy approachability is what sets us apart and cements our position in the community as a stable legal resource.

While our firm handles a wide variety of practice areas, each of our West Virginia attorneys brings a depth of experience and legal insight into his respective field. We are a team of leaders who believe that our success comes only from the successful results we bring to our clients. You are the focus of our efforts from the moment you sit down with us to tell us your story, your needs, and your goals for your legal case. From there, we will provide you with the information and understanding you need about where you stand and the legal road ahead so that you can make sound decisions along the way.

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Whether you have been injured in a negligence-based accident, accused of a crime, need to protect your assets for your family through estate planning, have a workplace issue, or are facing a divorce, our team can help. Wooton, Davis, Hussell & Johnson, PLLC provides aggressive advocacy in civil and criminal court when the fight for your rights and future is needed. Our attorneys also provide strategies to resolve your legal problems outside of court when that is appropriate and best. We are mindful of the time, expense, and stress of facing any legal problem and will always work to resolve your case in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.

If your legal needs fall within our practice areas, please contact us today to consult with an experienced attorney. Learn more about your case, what you may be up against, and how our firm can help. We will give you an honest assessment, inform you of your options, and start the process through proper legal work, whether it is an investigation in an accident, a criminal arrest, or in some other context. Our dedicated team stands ready to help you at this critical time with highly professional representation that can make a difference in your future, finances, freedom, and peace of mind.


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Throughout the ten decades of practicing, we’ve become well-known throughout West Virginia as highly respected and experienced litigators.

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We are all about our clients. We not only want them to get the results they deserve, but we want our clients to understand their case to make informed decisions.

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We pride ourselves on being outgoing, personable and easy to get along with. We believe this approach allows us to develop stronger relationships.

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When you’re in need of skilled, insightful and attentive legal guidance, we’re your team.

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Wooton, Davis, Hussell & Johnson, PLLC is here to fight for the damages you deserve in a personal injury claim, to fight for a favorable outcome in the wake of an arrest, to craft strong and comprehensive estate plans for the benefit of your loved ones, or to guide you through a divorce or other family law crisis. If you are an employee or employer in need of legal counsel, our talented legal team can help you find an attorney to assist you.

All of these areas are subject to myriad laws, procedures, uncertainty, and often emotional stresses. Having a trusted advisor and representative by your side throughout the legal process is imperative when seeking the best possible outcome.

Watch our client testimonial videos to see why WDHJ Law should be your first choice. Contact our team today to discuss your case.

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When you’re in need of skilled, insightful and attentive legal guidance, we’re your team.