I Was In An Accident. What Happens After I Hire A Lawyer?

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So, you were in an accident and you’re considering hiring a lawyer. You may be wondering what will happen once you have a lawyer working on your case. Here is what you can expect.


Your lawyer will immediately notify all medical providers and insurance companies associated with your case informing them that you are now being represented. This means aggressive bill collectors and intimidating insurance adjusters will no longer contact you directly. You will literally have a representative taking your calls and handling the details of your claim.


Police officers are not the only professionals conducting investigations. When you hire a lawyer, you’re hiring an experienced professional who will examine evidence from your accident. Your legal rep will visit the scene of the accident, preserve any evidence that wasn’t initially collected, and gather statements from witnesses, officers, and the medical providers who saw you immediately following the incident. In some cases, your representative may hire an investigator or other professional to assist with the case and help level the playing field. In the event a lawsuit must be filed, your lawyer will issue subpoenas to compel testimony if necessary.


On occasion, it is important to reconstruct the scene of the accident. Many cases don’t require such action, but if deemed necessary an engineer will be brought in to create an accident reconstruction. This scientific approach involves diagrams and measurements to determine vehicle speed, the line of sight, severity of impact and other factors related to the incident. Accident reconstruction is an important for validating or invalidating less scientific witness accounts.


When an accident involves physical injury, victims are understandably focused on the most immediate concerns like regaining mobility and returning to work. Looking ahead at the long-term effects of the injury may be challenging. When a case involves extensive medical intervention, your representative may opt to employ and/or consult with medical experts. These representatives often compile and review lengthy medical records, determine the full extent of your injuries, and account for the future care you will require. Your lawyer isn’t only worried about the health expenses you’ve already incurred but the ongoing expenses you will have in the future.


For you, the accident you’ve just experienced is overwhelming, stressful, and possible devastating. For a lawyer specializing in injury law, the details of your accident are familiar territory. That’s exactly what you want when you’re facing recovery, a professional who knows how to navigate the details freeing you to focus on the most important thing: getting better.

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