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A criminal conviction carries many penalties, which can affect your immediate and long-term future, including fines, imprisonment, probation, and a criminal record. To limit or prevent these consequences from affecting your life, you need a strong Lewisburg criminal defense if you have been arrested or charged with a crime. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you understand your situation and the options for your defense.

It can be terrifying to face criminal charges, but you do not have to face them alone. You have the right to legal defense, and it is important that you exercise this right.

Criminal Defense With Wooton, Davis, Hussell & Johnson, PLLC

Our team knows the overwhelming stress that you’re feeling when you face criminal charges, and we bring you the caring support you need. At Wooton, Davis, Hussell & Johnson, PLLC, we have experience defending clients from both felony and misdemeanor charges across a range of criminal offenses. We can help you understand your charges and what defenses are available to you. We ensure your rights are respected throughout the process.

We can take the time to understand your case and your unique circumstances and determine whether it is in your interests to negotiate with the prosecution or go to litigation. Our team is known as skilled and effective trial attorneys.

Criminal Charges We Handle in Lewisburg

You need an attorney who has an in-depth understanding of criminal law and successful outcomes relevant to the type of criminal charges you face. An attorney with this experience will be more effective at investigating the case and defending you against the charges. At Wooton, Davis, Hussell & Johnson, PLLC, we have navigated some of the following criminal law cases:

  • Drug Offenses: Drug offenses include possession, distribution, manufacture, and trafficking. The severity of the penalties for drug crimes depends on the type of offense, the amount of a controlled substance discovered, and the type of controlled substance. These substances are categorized based on schedule. Many drug crimes are felonies.
  • Theft Crimes: The most common theft crimes include petit larceny and grand larceny. In many cases, which type is charged depends on the value of the item or items stolen. Theft crimes also include certain white-collar crimes like embezzlement, forgery, and fraud. Robbery is both a theft crime and a violent crime.
  • Traffic Violations: There are both criminal and non-criminal traffic violations. These include running red lights or stop signs, driving on a revoked license, reckless driving and speeding, and even hit-and-run accidents. Traffic violations can result in points on your license, the loss of your license, and criminal penalties in some cases.
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI): One criminal traffic violation is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Conviction of a DUI can result in administrative penalties like license suspension, but it can also result in imprisonment and other criminal penalties.

Aggravating factors, such as repeat offenses, having children in the vehicle, or causing an injury or death, increase penalties. If police do not follow proper procedure when they pull you over or arrest you, this is a violation of your rights, and it can be used to limit the evidence in a case or have it dismissed.

  • Violent Crimes: These are crimes with the use of force, the threat of force, or the presence of a deadly weapon. Most of these crimes are charged as felonies. Violent offenses include assault, battery, manslaughter, carjacking, and rape.
  • Weapons Violations: These offenses can violate both state and federal law. Possessing a firearm as a felon or a minor and carrying a gun on school premises are examples of weapons crimes.
  • White-Collar Crimes: White-collar crimes may be state or federal crimes. They include offenses like embezzlement, conspiracy, and forgery. They also include many types of fraud, such as bank fraud, tax fraud, healthcare fraud, and securities fraud.

Any criminal conviction can have life-long consequences. A skilled attorney is essential to lowering the penalties you face.

What Are the Long-Term Consequences of a Criminal Record?

Regardless of whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you can obtain a criminal record. This record will show up on background checks, which can affect opportunities for the rest of your life. Some potential consequences of a criminal record include:

  • Losing your job
  • Prohibited from certain fields of employment
  • More difficulty applying for and getting a job
  • Harder time securing housing
  • More difficulty getting loans
  • Fewer educational opportunities

The most effective way to avoid these life-long consequences is to have a skilled attorney craft your criminal defense and do what is possible to avoid conviction.

How Much Is a Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Virginia?

A West Virginia criminal defense attorney may charge vastly different amounts, but a retainer fee is frequently required. This means that a set number of hours of work are paid upfront. The overall cost of a criminal defense case relies on many factors, and it can differ significantly. More serious criminal charges can cost even more.

Criminal defense attorney costs vary based on some of the following factors:

  • Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony
  • The severity of the specific crime
  • The fee structure, such as an hourly rate versus a flat fee
  • The experience and past success of your attorney
  • The location of the attorney’s firm
  • If your case is expected to require professional witnesses and similar resources
  • If your case is expected to go to court, along with the resulting court costs

When you’re hiring an attorney, it’s important to discuss fees and costs with them. An attorney should be straightforward and willing to discuss their costs. Be sure you can afford an attorney’s fees throughout the projected length of your case.

Contact Our Lewisburg Criminal Defense Attorneys

It’s important to find a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible if you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a crime. This gives your attorney more time to assess the case, ensure your rights are protected, and determine the right defense. Contact Wooton, Davis, Hussell & Johnson, PLLC, when you need knowledgeable and effective legal support in the criminal justice system.